So, on 19th of November I am officially graduated from Monash University Malaysia!


I was taking management and marketing as my major and here I am after three hard yet so fun years with Monash University. I am so happy that I am able to say that I am officially graduated and awarded with the title Bachelor of Business and Commerce (BBusComm).

I feel beyond blessed and it’s all thanks to God who strengthens me throughout my three years of study. Also, I won’t be where I am now without my family who supports me to pursue my study. Not to mention that I met a lot of friends here that I could proudly call my family. We struggle and stick together through all the frustrating exams and assignments, through all those sleepless (literally no sleep) nights.


Here’s a shoutout to my Mom and Dad who support me through thick and thin. Thank you for letting me fly to another country to pursue my study. Thank you for letting me choose what I want to learn. Thank you for everything that you’ve given me up until now. Now that I finished my study, it is time to repay what you’ve done to me.


And here’s a shoutout to my best best friend that I proudly called my family. From the top left side to the bottom right side: Ivon, me,  Ellen, Sarita, Zena, Patricia, Regina, Siska, Sherly, (another) Ellen, Jennifer, Mul, (another Jennifer), Wincent, Dennis, Ryan, Andreas, Febrian, Dedi, Ns, Lawrence, Jinceng, Wisnu, Wedian, Justin, Awe, and David. There are others who can’t attend the ceremony and you know who you are, thank you for being so supportive for all this time. I can’t imagine my days in college without you guys because you all teach me something that I can’t find anywhere. We had so much fun together, we bond together, and though we might be separated for now, we will live in each other’s heart forever (okay I sound so cheesy right now, but it’s true). Ps: When’s our next trip? Hehe!

I am beyond blessed and I know that my real journey begins here. I hope that everything will be okay for me and my friends. I wish them all the best for their further studies and their jobs. I know I’ll see them very very soon and this is not goodbye.

Cheers, Rachel x.


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