My second home ❤️

Hi friends!

So I was away for almost 2 weeks because I went back to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. If you are wondering, I spent 4 years of my life there to get a degree, that is why I love the country and consider it as my second home.

I spent 3 hours flight. It was boring, I think I slept for the whole flight.

I didn’t take that much photo when I arrived because my phone nearly died and I need to made some calls, so I had to save some battery 😝

Long story short, I met my best best friends (I call them family actually). We had so much fun reminiscing old times. We went to our favorites restaurants.

So those are some photos I could find. It was captured by my friend Ivon, hey there if you’re reading this (thanks for the awesome photos 😝). So the first photo is the legendary chicken rice (well for me and my friends), it is the best!  The second photo is pan mee, it’s our favorite noodle restaurant. Back in college, we ate it like every week! The third one is called char siew, it’s pork and it’s amazing. No words can explain. Well, it’s kind of taste like sweet caramel and it feels like it melts in your mouth! I don’t know how to explain more but it’s the bomb!

We visited Pavilion shopping mall and took some photos like a tourists 😌. I was so happy because it’s almost christmas and everything was decorated christmasy.

This is a picture of me and some of my friends when we were visiting our university. I used to study in Monash Univeristy Malaysia for 3 years. I was actually went to Kuala Lumpur to attend my graduation ceremony.

This was taken a couple of nights before my graduation ceremony. This is me and my girls (spot me: I’m the one with the orange dress). We had a ladies’ night and get free flow of cocktail. Well, you know what happened next if me and my girls had a free flow cocktail… we dance the night away! It was such a fun and crazy night and I love them all!

Too bad I didn’t get more pictures of me and my boy friends while we were having fun. On the next post I’ll have my complete squad hanging pretty on our graduation day ☺️😍

Afrer all, it was such a wonderful week and I will surely miss Kuala Lumpur more than anything else because you are my second home and where I met my awesome friends I could call family.

Cheers, Rachel xx.


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